7 Life Coaching Trends That Will Impact Your Practice

Pay attention to these 7 life-coaching trends for 2020-and Beyond if you plan to be a life coach after the hype wears down.

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Coaching continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, and the numbers show it. If the projection holds, the industry will surpass $1.25 billion by 2022. As you build your life coach practice, pay attention to the life coaching trends—the good, the bad, and the ‘BE CAREFUL.’ The life coach industry is still unregulated, but as a life coach, pay close attention to industry currents. At  Jowanna Daley, LLC, in McDonough, we have a passion for providing services and tools to empower life coaches to help their clients while growing their practice.

Coaching transcends across disciplines and organizations despite their size or industry. We focus on trends that affect the independent (indie) life coaches and not the trends affecting the corporate arena. With that said, listen up indie life coaches! Here are 7 trends to help you thrive in 2020.

1. There will be an Increased Demand for Life Coaching in 2020

Coaching is growing across the board. Large corporations are tapping into the benefits that coaching brings across all levels of management. Coaching businesses, for instance, is on the rise. Micro and solo business owners are continuing to see the benefit of hiring a business coach.

The shift in consumer thinking contributes to the demand for life coaching. Gone are the days when people view personal coaching as a luxury—it is now seen as an essential tool to help people change their limited thinking.

What this means for your coaching practice: Hoan your natural talents and coaching skills with reputable coach training. Your passion for helping people, coupled with your passion, will benefit your practice if you make continuous training part of your business model. 

2. Grow Your Coaching Business With Niche Certifications [Your Clients Will Increasingly Demand It]

General coaching is not vibing because coaching clients want measurable results with guidance that meet their needs. Your clients’ life coaching needs vary by generation and by stage in life. For example, you can have three clients who need clarity on their life purpose—a Millennial, Generation Xer, and a Baby Boomer—their needs will vary. This is one of the trends that is not going away—clients want services customized to meet their needs. 

What this means for your coaching practice: Personalization will continue to be a growing need. Invest in niche life coach certifications that will not only meet your clients' needs but also expand your practice. With Professional Life Coaches With Credentials

Proactive professionals will reap the benefits of continual training. As clients have horrifying coaching experiences, they are willing to pay higher coaching rates for credentialed and experienced coaches. 

What this means for your coaching practice: Your one-and-done training is not enough to establish yourself as a professional coach. Establish a professional development process that includes yearly skill development. Keep up with industry trends and adjust your practice accordingly.

4. Virtual Coaching Continues to Trend Upward

More coaches are making virtual coaching part of their life coach programs. Look for virtual coaching services to continue to row. The online platform makes it easier for clients to access coaching services, removing location constraints.

What this means for your coaching practice: Embrace technology as well as this trend. Virtual coaching gives you to build a national and international practice if you want to. Tools like Zoom gives you the ability to talk to your clients face-to-face (virtually, of course) and share your screen.  Consider making online courses that allow your clients even more flexibility in accessing your service wherever [, and whenever] they want.

5. Positive Psychology Engulfs the Coaching World

Positive psychology focuses on building a better human experience by focusing on building satisfying experiences by focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses and thinking of the greater good instead of individual angst. It also includes creating an environment of gratitude, compassion, perseverance, resilience, and compassion.

It's natural for the world of positive psychology and coaching to marry as coaching helps you find meaning in the present instead of dissecting the past.

What this means for your coaching practice: Positive psychology magnifies modern-day coaching. Grow your practice to include specialized certifications in niches such as:

  • Mindfulness coaching

  • Life purpose coaching

  • Confidence coaching

  • Happiness coaching

  • Forgiveness coaching

  • Transformation coaching

6. Content and Social Media Marketing Will Set Coaches Apart

There are over 3 billion people on social media and coaches that leverage content and social media marketing correctly find clients. Coaches are discerning which platforms work for their clients and focus on the marketing channels that work for their market.

What this means for your coaching practice: If you are still those in the micro business community that only go by your intuition instead of doing the work to find your tribe, you may continue to struggle to reach your market.  Sign up for affordable courses that will help you find people who are already looking for your service. Think about investing in search engine-optimized blogging services that will also help you develop content your audience desires.

7. The Coaching Industry Will Continue to Self-Regulate

Not only are clients demanding credentialed clients, but coaches who care about their long-term survival in the industry and their client’s well-being are self-regulating. Successful coaches continue to follow industry best practices and seek excellence in their coaching.

What it means for your coaching practice: Coaches that hold themselves to a certain standard of excellence will survive the future industry shakeout. Establishing a standard of training, skill development rituals, and instituting supervision are processes you should put in place to stay on the cutting edge of the field.

Micro business owners and solopreneurs make up a significant portion of the field. Staying on top of trends can be a daunting task for Indie coaches.  Jowanna Daley helps fill in the gap by providing the tools you need through our services and product affiliation. Check out our niche coach certification through our affiliate partner. Get links and discount codes right here!