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Client Confidentiality: Why It’s a Must For Life Coaches

cod of ethics, Published January 18, 2023
Client confidentiality is crucial in fields like life coaching. That's because clients are in a vulnerable state. Breaching trust has serious implications. Read about them in this blog post.
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7 Life Coaching Trends That Will Impact Your Practice

Industry Trends, Published October 1, 2022
Pay attention to these 7 life-coaching trends for 2020-and Beyond if you plan to be a life coach after the hype wears down.

Is Executive Coaching for You?

niches, Published April 25, 2022
Executive coaching is a profession with a positive ripple effect. Helping an executive has a positive correlation with organization success.

Why Self-Awareness Is an Important Skill for Professional Life Coaches

professional skills development, Published March 2, 2022
This blog post discusses why self-awareness is an important life coach skills and how you an acquire it.

Here's a List 2022 Holidays, Awareness, and Observances for Life Coaches to Use for Marketing

marketing ideas, Published March 1, 2022
2022 Holidays, awareness, and observances are full of content ideas that life coaches can use. Use these fun holidays to connect with your audience.

4 Master Life Coach Certification Programs That Can Launch Your Life Coach Career

online courses, Published January 14, 2022
4 Transformation Acacemy master life coach certification programs that has over 100 worksheets to help you launch your life coaching initiatives.

How to Become a Certified Forgiveness Coach in 5 Steps

niches, Published January 14, 2022
Become a certified forgiveness coach with Transformation Academy's life coach training. Get the skills and ready-to-use templates for your practice.

Why Active Listening Is an Essential Skill for a Professional Life Coach

professional skills development, Published July 3, 2021
As a life coach,active listening is an essential skills. Transformation Academy's Professional Life Coach Certification teaches you essential skills.

Here Are 8 Cognitive Distortions That Will Stop Your Life Coach Client's Progress (+Video)

professional skills development, Published June 22, 2021
Cognitive distortions are irrational thought patterns and beliefs based on false judgments we make about ourselves and the world around us.

How to Pick a Life Coach Certification Program | 3 Tips

professional skills development, Published June 22, 2021
Picking a life coach certification program can be confusing since their is no governing board. Here are some tips on picking a program right for you.