The coaching industry is on fire! The good about the coaching industry: low barriers to entry. The bad about the coaching industry: low barriers to entry. So how do you pick a life coach certification program that suits your needs and your pocketbook when practically anyone can create a curriculum?

Based out of McDonough, GA Jowanna Daley (my brand name) is a coach, consultant, and affiliate marketer who focuses on helping life coaching businesses build and sustain their practices without breaking the bank.

While the International Coach Federation (ICF) is the self-proclaimed gold standard for life coach training; however, the truth is that the field of life coaching is not regulated and does not have a governing body of any kind.

There are non-ICF accredited programs, like Transformation Academy that offers high quality, research-based courses. They choose to put the resources in their curriculum than to spend money on marketing tactics that lead people to believe the life coaching industry has a governing board.

Choose a Life Coach Certification Program That Includes A Foundational Course

I started my program locally with a one-day course. Though I became a certified life coach in eight hours, there are two things to know:

  1. I have many years of experience as a Scrum coach, a mentor, and a leader

  2. Knowing how continuing education is important to all professionals, I knew my training was not going to be a "one-and-done" affair.

I enrolled in Transformation Academy's Master Life Coaching Certification Program, which included the Professional Life Coach Certification and the following three niche certifications.

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If you want a great jump start, then the Master Life Coaching program is the perfect program that gives you a great start as a professional coach. Each niche certification comes with a turnkey sales blueprint. You can use daleyblueprint to get the sales blueprint for free. Here are the links:

Choose a Program That Has Niche Courses That Align With Your Passion

The life coaches that do the best are those that have niche offerings. Your "niche" should depend on the problems you are solving for your target clients. For instance, my niche market, micropreneurs (usually solopreneurs and very small businesses) need solutions to help them define their purpose, niche, and successfully launch their business.

Transformation Academy has a wealth of niche programs. Along with my Master Life Certification training, I have certified in the following as they have helped my clients:

I'm also working on the following certifications based on further evaluation of my target market:

My experience as a small business consultant has taught me that taking care of the client's business also means taking care of the client's well being. Transformation Academy's life coach certification programs allow me to use a mix of tools to serve each client's individual needs.

Use code daley49 to get any of the individual life coach certification programs for only $49. Use the links provided in the document.

Pick a Program that Takes Care of You and Your Business

Starting a purpose-driven business evokes a plethora of emotions such as excitement, fear, anxiety, and doubt. Transformation Academy's life coach certification program includes courses to change your mindset AND build a profitable business.

Each certification course coaches you as a coach and as an individual, and there are additional courses to help increase your chances of making a profitable company. For instance:

You can use the code daley50 to get any of the non-certification courses for 50% off. Most of the courses listed above are $49.95 (before applying the discount).


Remember, there no accredited life coach program. In other words, there has yet to be a governing board for the life coach industry. Companies can charge anything they want for a life coach certification program. Transformation Academy's owners, Joeel and Natalie Rivera, have a passion for breaking down the financial barriers that stand in your way and your passion for helping others.

Jowanna Daley further breaks the traditional barriers that small businesses face. You deserve quality and affordable products and services. The small business community is the backbone of the community.

Contact me directly with questions regarding your business or my services. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of my digital business card or set up a complimentary 15-minute discovery session. We are here to help you mind your business.