How to Become a Certified Forgiveness Coach in 5 Steps

Become a certified forgiveness coach with Transformation Academy's life coach training. Get the skills and ready-to-use templates for your practice.

What makes you interested in becoming a certified forgiveness coach? Does witnessing all the anger in the world give you the passion for helping people let go of the past? Or are you a walking testament to the power of forgiveness?

The world is filled with people who live a life filled with resentment, and they do not know how to release it. People want to move forward, and that’s one of the reasons the coaching profession will be a $1.64 billion industry by 2022.

One coaching niche on the rise is forgiveness coaching, and that’s because people struggle with knowing how to break free of hurt. Transformation Academy has a forgiveness certification program that includes everything you need to help clients transform from bitter to better

What Does Forgiveness Mean?

Forgiveness is a perspective, and the meaning varies from person to person. Humans have problems with forgiveness because some believe it means to excuse or overlook one's wrongdoing.

Forgiveness is the act of relieving yourself of the burden that comes along with resenting, hating, or seeking revenge on someone that hurt you. It does not mean that you forget or condone the wrongdoing.

Forgiveness is confusing because it has multiple meanings. For instance, if you loan someone money, and you then forgive the debt, it's as if it was never owed. Letting go of hurt does not work the same way. As a forgiveness coach, you can help your clients move forward and live a meaningful, unburdened life.

What to Look for In a Certified Forgiveness Program

A high-quality forgiveness certification program does not have to be expensive. Still, it does need to equip you with the tools and skills you need to help your client release pain and embrace true happiness. The program should help you:

  • Guide your life coach clients on setting their forgiveness goals

  • Teach your clients what forgiveness is (and what it’s not)

  • Show your clients the benefits of compassion and the role it plays in forgiveness

  • Empower your clients and help them navigate the path to self-forgiveness

  • Assist them with learning the communication strategies to prevent unintended conflicts

Transformation Academy offers high-quality niche programs with done-for-you tools to help your life coach practice succeed. Their forgiveness life coach certification course, taught by Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, will allow you to help your clients get rid of anger, guilt, resentment, and stress.

5 Simple Steps on How to Become a Certified Forgiveness Coach

  1. Set your training budget

  2. Research life coach programs

  3. Get your professional certified coach certification if you don't have it

  4. Register for forgiveness training to acquire the specialized skills and tools you need

  5. Take an online coaching course that helps you put your business together

Make continual training part of your plan. Find a subscription program to help you keep your skills up-to-date. 

Get Started Today

Fulfill your quest to help your clients live life on their terms. As a certified forgiveness coach, you will help free people from their past so they can experience true happiness. Start your forgiveness life coach training today! Use the code: daley50 to enjoy 50% off the Forgiveness coach certification.

Go ahead and make the world a happier place one client at a time!