The sad (and scary) truth is that anyone can be a life coach. You don’t have to do anything but declare yourself a life coach, and, BOOM—you are a life coach. Fortunately, there are quality certification programs. Transformation Academy has four master life coach certification bundles that can help you empower others to live their lives according to their terms.

What Is A Certified Master Life Coach

The designation of a certified master life coach depends on the institute that offers the program. Still, a seasoned life coach is an experienced life coach that has demonstrated a high proficiency in applying the core skills and exemptional ethical practice with their clients.

Since the life coach industry does not have a governing body, the requirements vary by the training organization. They may include one or more of the following:

  • Completion of an extended program within a pre-identified timeframe

  • An text

  • Contact hours

  • Mentorship

What Skills Do You Need As a Master Life Coach?

A master coach might have specialized skills. Still, they also possess foundational skills that apply to all life coach professionals. The baseline the skills, and then it’s up to you to scale it from there. The Certified Professional Life Coach Certification gets covers the essential skills needed. However, cognitive behavior and other mindset tools are necessary at a master coach level (actually, it’s vital to all coaches).

4 Master Life Coach Certification Programs That Will Add a Plethora of Tools to Your Toolbox

It can be daunting looking for programs that add value while being affordable. Here are four advanced program bundles that will increase your skill, give you ready-to-use life coaching programs, and add more templates and content to help you to what you love—help people. These master-level bundles are:

  1. Master Life Coach

  2. Master Mindset Coach

  3. Master Transformation Coach

  4. Spiritual Life Coach

#1 Master Life Coach Certification Program Bundle

The Master Life Coach Certification is perfect for all prospective life coaches, whether a seasoned counselor or someone always interested in becoming a life coach. This program comes with over 100* worksheets and six workbooks across all the certifications included in the program. The course program includes:

#2 Master Mindset Coach Program Bundle

The Master Mindset Coach Program and the Master Life Coach are a must-have for all coaches. The courses contain empowerment tools for you, the coach, and your clients. This master life coach program equips you to deal with critical factors to success—one’s mental and emotional well-being. It contains cognitive-behavioral (CBT), rational emotive behavior (REBT), and positive psychology tools to deal with:

  • Negative self-talk

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Life stressors

  • Procrastination

  • Self-doubt

  • Low self-esteem

  • Indecision

The Master Mindset Program comes with over 150 tools and step-by-step guidance. These programs include:

#3 Master Transformation Life Coach Certification

If I had one word for the courses included in this course bundle, it would be exhilarating and freeing (okay, so it’s two words). When I think of the courses included, I envision clients breaking free from shackles restricting their hands or a beautiful dove flying free. That’s because this course equips you to help your clients:

  • To determine their life story

  • Take courageous steps to make hard decisions

  • Create lasting and life-enhancing changes

  • Release circumstances, people, habits, and feelings that do not serve them

  • Discover purpose in their pain

The Master Transformation Life Coach Certification comes with about 200 aides to help you transform your clients. It includes the following courses:

#4 Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification

This Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification is the newest Master Life Coach Bundle, and it includes the following certification courses:

The Master Spiritual Life Coach Certification is a training series that will help you to understand the spiritual side of life and how to coach people with their spiritual journey. With around 100* worksheets, you can either apply the coaching “as-is” or tailor it to your particular beliefs.

Explore Transformation Academy's Master Life Coach Certification Programs and Niche Certification Courses

Transformation Academy has over 20 niche certification programs that you can either use as-is or tailor to meet your market’s needs. With over 20 life coach certifications, I am a fan, advocate, and promoter of Transformation Courses. Check out their catalog of courses, and feel free to reach out via Life Coach Certification Programs Facebook Page.